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Custom designed for your company and printed and shipped to your door. 

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High-resolution photos are needed to create and print the product. These photos need to be taken with a camera  and sent by email, or a photoshoot can be arranged at an extra cost *
depending on your location


Once the photos are received the design process will begin if there are any elements or types of locations you want the trucks to be in please advise beforehand. A layout design will be sent for approval before the full detailed editing process. Please note that most fo the images below where taken in fields or at the companies yard and edited to a desired location.


Once the final design and detailed editing have been finalized the requested quantity will be ordered and printed at a professional print location in the Toronto area and delivered to your door. 


It's all in 
the details

Each calendar is has a custom-designed background to showcase your business. Logos and contact information can be added. 

I Rebecca, personally edit and create these designs.  I have a background in graphic design & photography and have been creating custom pieces for the trades industry for over 10 years. 

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